Full Name
Cass Ezeji
Job Title
Cass Ezeji is a singer and performer of critically-acclaimed bands Laps and Golden Teacher. She began singing at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio ten years ago, through the NEET (Not in Employment or Education) course where she met her future bandmates and collaborators.

Cass balances music and creative projects alongside her education. She in her final year of a five-year BA honours in French & Spanish at Strathclyde University. She has additionally studied in Belgium & Spain. She is a fluent Gaelic speaker and began studies in Arabic in 2019.

Aside from her education, she is engaged in ongoing research of Black Scottish History. She is interested in Scotland’s role in colonialism and its’ subsequent erasure from our national psyche and retelling through the prism of hero/victim. Through her essays and prose, she seeks to reinsert black and mixed-race narratives into the Scottish context and call for accountability.

As a Gaelic speaker, she is particularly interested in filling the historical voids that omit the experiences of black and other non-white Gaels. This work aims to expand and enhance the ways in which we think about Gaelic language and culture whilst amplifying marginalised voices.

Cass’s prose and poetry are informed by her Nigerian, Irish & Scottish heritage, as well as growing up in a Glasgow tenement with her mother. Through reflections on loss and shared memory, she examines her childhood spent with the girls, women, and single-mothers around her. These women continue to inspire her in all aspects of life.
Cass Ezeji