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Samuel Julien (born in 1974) is the current director of the Dizale association based in Quimper. This structure, which has just celebrated its 20 years of existence, is a main actor of the audiovisual sector in the Breton language, specializing in dubbing and subtitling. Dizale also takes part in numerous productions and co-productions of audiovisual and radio works and also participates in the production of audio guides for various museums and public institutions. All of these works produced are generally broadcast on various television channels in Brittany.
Dizale also ensures the dissemination of its own productions, whether through cinema screenings, video editing or, more recently, through the creation of "BreizhVOD", a "netflix" in the Breton language.
Dizale also takes an active part in the development of the audiovisual sector in the « Galo » language, the other language of Brittany, and has developed a strong partnership with similar structures in the Corsican and Occitan language, particularly in the field of dubbing and broadcasting.
Samuel occasionally translates texts from Slovenian into French and is the editor of the Breton-language journal Bremañ.